EPISODE 19 - “Cock Dracula”

In the latest time-hopping episode, The Pixie Dreamers™ take a look at game’s journalism through the ages by reading two magazines from different time periods… How will a modern Edge magazine fair when faced with a magazine from 1993? Only time… will tell…



… in which, everything Alex claims to know about adventure games is wrong (dates, names of games, people… etc), some of the audio is missing and had to be patched, David Bowie’s crotch gets his own game, Elly and Alex make a plea to Neil Gaiman, Michael Dorn is mentioned for the umpteenth time, a dragon is cast and many graphic adventure games are discussed… sort of.

TL;DR This episode is a trainwreck, but somehow the best podcast ever(?)


EPISODE 13 - “On Limbo”

Elly and Alex discuss Playdead’s 2010 release ‘Limbo’ in massive detail and then Alex briefly defends The Sims which clearly has loads to do with Limbo and Limbo-themes.

Also, it is worth noting that the book Elly mentions near the beginning is by Daniel Mendelsohn, not David Sedaris.
Elly is so intimately and intellectually involved with writers from the New Yorker that she mixes them up, like people confuse their own sons.


EPISODE 12 - “Top 5 Video Game Characters In Video Games”

In the best episode since the last one, Elly and Alex give their personal Top 5 Video Game Characters In Video Games while discussing new law enforcement techniques, the innocence of Phil Fish and the savi business sense of one NPC in particular.

So, in other words, the podcast does exactly what it says on the tin.